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Amazon SDE 3

Hello fellow Engineers, i have 15 yoe in backend applications but not at a large scale. I have architected a few minor applications, but not anything fancy or revolutionary.
I want to apply for Amazon SDE 3 role, but am a little skeptical.
Q1) Does prior experience in building large scale systems be a huge factor for this level ?
Q2) I am good at Datastructers and Algorithms and actually do 50% hands on at my current job. Should i just apply for SDE 2?
Q3) If I apply for SDE 3 and fail, will they consider me for SDE 2 ?

Thanks in Advance!
qwertyCoderSoftware Engineerย atย Amazona year ago
I was SDE III at Amazon. 1. It's a huge plus 2. Aim for SDE III, if you don't meet the level they typically will also evaluate you for SDE II so there isn't much harm. 3. Yup
AvengeneerSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Thank you. Appreciate it



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