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Europe v/s US?

Hey Fellas!

I am based out of berlin, i have a pretty good life here, TC 210K USD which is solid for the area i live in. Germany or Europe in general is pretty good when it comes to work life balance and overall quality of life. Was wondering if anyone moved to the US from Western Europe and then regretted it?
19g616l0r0n3usData Analyst 2 years ago
I also work in Europe, and only visited the US a few times. But to me the US seems a lot more expensive (of course depending on where you live) so all the extra money you earn may just be offset by the cost of living.
Nevertheless, the tech scene in the US is a completely different game, it all depends on your own goals in life and your lifestyle. Someone's bad choice could be a dream to you.
RocketuserProduct Manager 2 years ago
Well said