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Software EngineerΒ 3 months ago

How can I use Leetcode to get an internship?

If you would start again your Software Engineering journey, how could you use Leetcode? And when will you use it? If you are just starting in Software Engineering, which things would you learn and solve more problems in Leetcode to get an internship offer?
ManoverboardComputer ScienceΒ 3 months ago
I would practice basic DS problems like arrays, hashmaps, strings etc. Then once I'm confident enough, I would practice some advanced topics like graphs, trees, DP.

It's all about learning the patterns. Solving more problems helps you to discover more patterns so when a problem is thrown at you, you can use some of the patterns you had used in the past to solve the given problem. The more you practice, the better you get. Also, consistency is the key, don't go for more than 2-3 days without practicing.
Philopatear Abdelmaseh AbdelfadySoftware EngineerΒ 3 months ago
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