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What advice would you give a manual QA engineer looking to get a QA job and upskill?

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iMO, manual QA is going the way of the dinosaur. That's not an insult to you, it's what I observed in the market over 15 years ago. Many companies, including my own went from devs and QA to only devs in charge of the quality of their code with automated testing.

I was a manual QA engineer but didn't have the money to go back to school for software dev. So back then I started learning scripting languages first(Perl, etc) to ease my transition into compiled languages.

I used what my company at the time was using for technology and leveraged resources to learn C# after hours. This took time as my family was fairly new with two toddlers.

As automated testing opportunities came available i would apply what I knew to generate value in my position.

Indeed my path was a slow one, but fast-forward to 2018 (after having other automated test positions at companies as an SDET) and landed my first role as production SW eng in Java. I've continued to grind and have achieved Senior SW Eng. II.

All this to say, a transition to a dev can be done. How long will this all last with recent AI improvements? Not sure. But your skills will still be updated in the mean time.

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