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SWE - Worth pushing for promotion?

Hi all, I'm an associate SWE with 2 yoe come July 1st but also have 6 yoe as software QA with the same company. I'm wondering if I should push for promotion / raise out of associate this year or if this might make me a target of sorts for layoffs / restructuring. My company is financially stable at the moment but has gone through several rounds of layoffs in the last two years.

I did not have a tech background prior to joining the QA team and have a liberal arts BA, though I've since earned an AS in CS and am now in an MSCS program. Because I don't yet have a full CS degree, I'm wondering if I should keep my head down and accumulate experience rather than rock the boat. I don't know how successful job searching would be with my current education creds and yoe.
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Don’t ask, and you won’t receive. Ask for what you think you deserve, but don’t be too pushy given youre situation/background



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