aspiringpolymath in  
Biology 2 years ago

(A)PM Internship or Career

Hi all would love some insight on some opportunities I guess, I’m pivoting to tech looking to work the product manager realm of jobs after graduating. Currently a 3rd year double majoring as Bioscience and Global Health a minor in Engineering Management. For clarification I was set as pre-med before this semester and am currently pivotting to tech. If I were to drop my Global Health major and minor I could graduate next semester.

Should I graduate early and start looking for jobs to start immediately after? Or should I just hold off and graduate with the rest of my class. For reference, I’m not really enjoying college and kind of just really burnt out at this point. As for experience I’m familiar with the basics of front end code and had an internship with a small start up this past summer.

1j8rbiFuanProduct Design Manager 2 years ago
There's lots of ways to get into product but you need to figure out what and where you want to PM. So if you have a design background, you'll want to look for pm roles that work more on the design side than the engineering side. Differrent companies have diffrent pm needs. Gotta do more research on how you can leverage the biosci background you have. Maybe more data sci/analytics might make more sense than design actually...