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Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago

Day in the life of an engineering manager

Some people were posting about management roles and I wanted to shed some light on what an average day on the job looks like.

1) You start the day with a stand up to get an idea of what the team is working on and to identify any blockers. You'll listen to the team share updates and try to find solutions to the blockers identified during the call.

2) More meetings! So one of the things you'll start to realize about EM roles is that you have to talk to a lot of different people at the organization regularly (thats why you see communication and problem solving being some of the top soft skills for EMs). In these meetings you'll be talking to other business leaders to keep them in the loop of new products or features, discuss solutions and improvements to workflows, etc.

3) Yup, you guessed it... more meetings! In this case, you're talking to your engineering team 1-1 about any and all things under the sun. Might be a talk about performance, team dynamics, career trajectory, or just personal/life matters. As a manager, I think this is the most important part of my day because building those relationships helps ensure we get things done.

4) Now you get to do some strategy and planning work such as sprint planning for your team to resource planning and gathering requirements with customers.

5) Other things you'll do:

  • maybe coding because you need to flex your technical muscles every now and again
  • admin work like emails, calls, reviewing documentation, etc
  • recruiting if applicable
  • tracking metrics and writing reports for other stakeholders at the org

TLDR: Engineering management is a mix of people, project, and technical resource management. It's an important job that requires a ton of communication, technical expertise, and a desire to see your teams win!

19g615l250u8xzSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Thanks. I’m really eager to transition to management from software engineering. I’m almost 43. I’ve been the oldest programmer wherever I’ve worked for like 10 years. I’d rather be an individual contributor, but the last job search was a nightmare. If I can ever make the transition, maybe I can find a job when I need one, say, after 50.
Jn3oi2nyibcp9Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago
I think the average age of an EM is 40-45 so you could very well make that transition now but like you said, if you want to be an IC and not be bothered with the other stuff, just stick to swe. If you did want to make the transition, levels can probably help.