babujalela in  
Software Engineer 6 months ago

Not capable of being a manager.

I have around 6 years of experience working as a tech lead, it seems like I don't have the capabilities of a manager. I have a strong technical experience in system design and coding. 

However I lack the competency that needed for an EM(feedback from office). Is there any other roles where I don't have to be in a managerial role and keep working as a coder plus get the same salary as EM ? 
19g616l00jd5i9Software Engineer 5 months ago
Make sure it's /your/ assessment that you are not management material, whatever that means. Your company's assessment is not a categorical statement about your capability.

If you don't want to be a manager, fine. But if you do, then the question is /why/ your company would say that, what portions of their feedback are valid, what is growth plan to address your gaps, and where are you best shots for getting into the role (may not be at your company). Create your strategy and your plan. Execute.

Capabilities can be developed. Emotional or psychological blockers can be worked through. Social and political capital can be built. Evidence of competence can be obtained.

You might consider becoming an attractive managerial hire (managing yourself) as your first management test.