productworld1 in  
Product Manager 2 months ago

Gap in resume suggestions

Any good advice would be welcomed!  I had a layoff right before the pandemic from  a full-time position fron CVS Healthcare.  During the pandemic I took on two contracts, two diffeerent companies.  One ended after 4 months - program manager role - after the pandemic hit .

The other lasted for 2 years and Im out now the contract has ended.  Needless to sag, im looking for a fulltine Perm Product Mgr role and ive now been out for 7 months because i didnt start my search rigjt away yook a month or so off!  I ended up running into all the layoffs

Woild you take rhe 4 month contract off the resume keep it on?  Both are good roles or does it make me look like way go many gaps?
bringeeRecruiter 2 months ago
Just keep the 4 month gap, it's not that long considering the way tech layoffs have been. Recruiters have been seeing tons of resumes with gaps in them and layoffs aren't always a matter of performance, so people will be a lot more understanding of work gaps in this time.
productworld1Product Manager 2 months ago
Thank you for that. I’ve been out now 6 months but I hear you there’s a lot of people in the same boat!