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Hardware EngineerΒ 2 months ago

What was your salary appraisal in 2023?

So by now the entire industry should have had their yearly pay and promotion review. Some start in Jan but most are finished by April.

I personally received 7.3% (no promo) on the backdrop of inflation, even though it is still at least 10% here in the UK. This is much better than most even in our own company due to being in the department that generates 90% of the revenue.

List your salary hike, location and whether it was a promo or not.

btfSoftware EngineerΒ a month ago
I got 3.5% basic raise, same bonus+same stock as last year.

That was a little bit disappointing but I got > 10% raise and the introduction of a cash bonus (12.5%) for the first time last year, which together was a lot and absolutely front ran the inflation, so I cannot complain