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Hardware Engineering Projects

Hi all!

I'm a sophomore in college studying computer engineering and I want to work in hardware after finishing school. What would be some good projects to work on to practice my skills?
ย I know VHDL and I am starting to get comfortable with Verilog. I also know some embedded C

Loajnwio99adHardware Engineerย 2 years ago
Saw this on Quora and depending on what you can do, you can level it up (remember that?):

I have a few ideas but they depend on your experience and comfort level with Verilog and ASIC tools in general:

1. 4-port switch/router (you may use 1GE MACs)

2. Bitcoin accelerator

3. Multi-core CPU (using ARM, MIPS, or ARC cores)

4. Hardware accelerator for anti-virus (RegEx Scanner Engine)

5. Hardware Lossless Compression engine

6. Hardware Accelerometer for capturing data from a tennis racket, baseball bat

7. Flash storage cache / accelerator

8. Qubit (quantum cryptography) processor

9. Encryption/Decryption engine for SHA1/SHA-256

10. GPS filter (baseband) for processing GPS data from an antenna



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