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Question for the interviewers at big tech

Our company laid us all and we're all searching for new opportunities. I've got the chance to chat with multiple teams and companies including the big ones from MAANG to the small ones no one ever heard of.

During these interview series, it came across my mind if I could ask the interviewers these question, what would they respond:

  • Was wondering if you could pass your own interview process now? The process is so complicated and requires months of practice.
  • The process is so complex that there is an entire ecosystem around how to pass the interview questions. I found at least 10+ people who had quit their tech job to form an education company + Youtube channel to teach people how to pass the interviews. If their job was worth getting, why did they even quit to teach Bolognese?!
  • We may not even use most of the material during the job itself so what is the purpose of asking these questions?
  • What is the purpose of asking system design from people from non-CS backgrounds? If they haven't used these tools and not going to use it on the job, why even bother asking the same questions? Does that violate diversity in your opinion? If the non-CS degrees are considered for the interview, does that mean that the company needs more diverse expertise or not.
  • Are you hiring for the ceiling or floor? Is the purpose of the interview to figure out whether given a new task one can achieve the goal or whether you have previously worked on the exact stack the company wants, otherwise reject. Most people who work at the big tech never worked on their stack before joining but the interview process doesn't reflect that.

Please respond if have similar experiences.