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Principal a year ago

Focus on your skills and chill

In today's  generation many folks earning more money by sheer amount of skills and risk taking habits. I think as we age the tendency to take risk decreses for  majority of us . Also we need to replace bad habits with good habits like exercise, spending more time with family, evening walk, learning new skills etc.

We are also worried that our jobs would be laid off and it would be extemely difficult for us to survive. But in reality thats not true since we have seen so many folks have  undergone these cycles and survived.

Instead we spend our time on learning new skills like content creation(blogs, audio , video ) e book creation. Also time is our biggest assest at any economic situation so we have to use wisely and not binge watch movies, booze often and waste the valuable time. 

If you really check the millionaires they are highly skilled people who use the money to buy time where as most of provide oit time to earn money.(9-5 job ).I recently started flipping domains and gathered good domains at relatively cheap and i may or may not succeed in this venture but taking risk and learning new skills. I also published an ebook Domain Investing and if anyones interested reply to this post and i will give it for free.

Its time to wake up and be an Enterpreneuer.

ThisIsAFakeNameFull-Stack Software Engineer a year ago
This dude admitted that he doesn’t know if the domain purchases will be worth it and people want to buy his book?? Why are you even writing a book on something that you “may or may not succeed” at?

The true “venture” you’re after is writing e-books that you’re not qualified to be writing.
chinnaPrincipal a year ago
Thanks for doubting. But I want to get into that business anyway because I want to improve my skills in different domain . I will fail at it in the beginning and I am not afraid of it. Even though the best ones have to start from beginning and they don’t know if they are good or bad and they keep trying it refining it, trying again and consistency is the key.
Let me just try a attempt




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