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Data Analystย a year ago

Epidemiologist to Data Science

I have 3 yoe as an epidemiologist and I am preparing to switch careers to a data analyst or data scientist role. A part of my job works with statistics and data analytics, so I feel that I have some relevant experience. What should I work on to help me make the jump?
AusData Scientistย a year ago
1. Its a bad time to do a jump. The white collar recession especially hits tech sector

2. I am not familiar with exact skillsets that epidemiologists have. How much math did you take? Do you have the same math background a stats or engineering undergrad would have?

3. What computing skills do you have? Are you doing your modeling work in R or Python?

RascalBO13Data Scientistย a year ago
Yeah agreed. Why not get some management experience and leverage that in like a year or two?



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