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Software Engineering Manager a year ago

My current company has given my 14 direct reports but title of staff engineer. I'm not sure how to move forward.

I have a current title of staff engineer but have 14 direct reports. They're not changing my title to manager. I'm also interviewing to help other teams hire development engineers.

I'm not sure how to go about this. If I switch they'll most likely ask me about why my title is staff engineer and not manager. 

What is the best course of action here: 
Do I get them to switch my title, which is proving to be difficult or do I find a different opportunity?

Total yoe 10 years
Yoe with direct reports: 3 years

00Software Engineering Manager a year ago
From a leveling perspective, is it considered a promotion or a lateral move? If a promotion, is there formal or informal budget for doing those right now? If it’s a lateral move, does the equivalent manager title actually make more according to their tools?

14 directs is too many, anyway. You probably won’t have time to be a good manager. In a perfect world: Hire two EMs, give each 7 of your current directs, then get a Sr. EM title. More practically, start looking at other places.
19g618l2gwwp1wSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
They expect everyone that I hire should be self directed and that I shouldn't need anytime managing them. I'm not sure if that's a fair expectation. Because every project that they work on I have to ensure that they are delivering the right work product. I'm not sure if their expectations are correct or I'm missing something here.