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Unprecedented Times Calls for Mid-Year 2023 Salary Report

Hey Levels Founders,

The market has been moving so rapidly with all these layoffs from an f-ton of tech companies and the salary data has changed so drastically-- could you release a Mid-Year Salary Report in 2023 at the end of July? Amazon announced a change in its comp structure. I would like to see what percent change has happened. This 2023 Mid-Year Salary Report would only be a one-time thing. I am worried a year is too much time because the salary landscape will have radically transformed to the negative.
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zuhayeerFounder at 
Thanks for the suggestion – we'll be considering doing a Mid-Year report around June / July if we notice we have a lot of insight and compensation movement by then. What are the specific things you'd be looking for in the report?
Has there been any decline in software engineer salaries? Break it down by seniority and geography? This helps us understand the impact of layoffs and weigh the relative risk and reward calculation for whether to work harder at the company or look for a new job.