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Technical Program Manager 2 years ago

Zoox Interview Turmoil

Just wanted to share my interviewing experience with #Zoox. Had the first typical call with the recruiter who later set up a call with a peer to go over the job description. The first interview went well but they said the job got filled! A couple of days after screening, which meant that they used me as a back-up candidate! Since they liked me, they offered to interview for another similar role in a different dept. It started with another interview with a peer who liked me and they set up the virtual onsite. The virtual onsite consisted of 6 interviews, two of which were with manager level. The feedback came a couple of days later and they said they liked me and I had to go through the last round which was a director interview. The director turned out to be just another manager, same level as the ones I hadalready interviewed with. During the interview, he said he only learnt about the interview 15 min ago and he was in the middle of nowhere with no proper internet connection. He got disconnected from the zoom call around 6 times and for the better half of the call. So he would ask a question and I go on with my answer only to find out at some point that I am talking to myself. The questions and answers (as much as it got through) weren't any different than the previous interviews.

Guess what happened in the end! no feedback for a few days and a standard rejection letter followed. Not to mention that the recruiter ghosted me afterwards! So after passing 8 rounds of interview, it had to end like that with a lousy call and I am so frustrated and wondering why I wasted my time on this #Zoox

Any insight anyone as to what might have led to me getting rejected?! Any similar experiences?

fayzefaySoftware Engineering Manager 2 years ago
The bits around no response suck. I will say though as a manager - we keep interviewing until a candidate accepts an offer. Only then is the role considered 'filled'. Doesn't matter even if we sent out offers. Until the ink is dry we continue interviewing since many times candidates don't accept offers. Lately it's even become no uncommon for candidates to retract their acceptance after signing offers. So in some sense I'm skeptical now until their actual starting date.
PqfenroadComputer Engineering 2 years ago
That's wild. Do you think that will still be the case if things keep going south? Cant imagine people will be getting as many offers or at least having the pick of the litter when times were good