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Product Managerย 2 years ago

Salary expectation for a Lead PM role at Grab Singapore?

I interviewed at Grab for Lead PM and now they are asking me to share my salary expectation range.ย 

Currently I work in India. Any suggestions ย on what should me my salary expectation?
AnoninsgProduct Managerย 2 years ago
At least SGD 130K per year, I'd say. Actually you could ask for higher considering its a Lead PM role. But I don't know how they split their CTC, so the bonus component could be separate from the 130K base.

PS I don't work at Grab but i knew someone who worked there has shared salary in this range.
19g616l11sr2s8Product Managerย 2 years ago
I checked with few of my colleagues. The salary is in the range of 170K SGD (I am assuming it is Base+Bonus + RSU) but my expectations are on higher side. Is there any other online repo/group which can help me get a fair idea.



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