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Mental Toughness

Society has taught us to choose easy options most of the time and this slowly becomes our routine and there are very few people thar push us.Take challenges daily and opt for hard choices that makes you stronger.

I started reading about doing hard exercises and cold showers. It felt very good to read at that instance but those feelings vanish away and we do our same routines but when i start putting them into action it felt great most of the time and it felt deep because you changed your brain patterns since they were not used to this.

Mental toughness is a very broad topic which has many items to cover but doing hard decisions , affirmations, positive attitude, gratitude, visualization , step by step increments, hard routines day by day makes your mind hard and you will be transformed very soon. Consistency is the key and Discipline also makes you mentally tough and rigid. 

Mentally tough is not being rude but being stable and calm and sticking to ur routines. The great philosophers are so mentally strong and they adhere to habits and stick to their routines. 

I also published  an ebook on the same 
with my personal experience and research. Feel free to check it out and all the best for your journey. Mental Toughness: Part 1 eBook : BLISS, CAI: Kindle Store Mental Toughness: Part 1 eBook : BLISS, CAI: Kindle Store

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Mental Toughness, meet Tiger Mom. Haven't seen non-Asians catch up yet in the basics of education or work ethic. E.g. Vs South Korean cram schools after daily grade school + extra curriculars, then military, then 16 hour work days... Culturally normal = no need to talk about mental toughness. Instead, mental wellness days off, lower standardized test scores, poor work ethic taking off early Fridays, easy A's by cheating in college, etc. But it's embedded in the culture? After all, who left Afghans literally hanging off escaping US airplanes?




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