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Product Manager 2 years ago

Can you apply for a higher level (64) after joining Microsoft at level 62 and been in the company for 3 months.

I joined microsoft at level 62 in Product team but I have been feeling I am under hired because before joining Microsoft I was working at much higher role. Because MS is a good company I do not want to move out but this level thing is bothering me a lot.

19g6vkvqlecdbSoftware Engineering Manager at Improbable2 years ago
If you think you’re misleveled, I’d advise to talk to your manager and explain why. I have never worked at Microsoft but misleveling happen and people who’ve been misleveled one level down typically end up being promoted in roughly a year’s timeframe.
19g615l3aetcz3Software Engineer 2 years ago
Depends on company to company. In my company NV. I have already talked to my manager but his reply was that I should have checked before joining. In a way he is right - why I allowed him to cheat me at first. So now only option left with me is to leave this bs company, bs work culture. BS work culture comment is not because of I am misleveled.



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