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Technical Program Manager 2 years ago

Charging interview fees as a candidate?

I have gone on several interview loops recently with companies only for them to go with another candidate after final rounds. I started to realize that I seem to be the guy recruiters go to when they need to put a body in front of hiring managers.

I saw this article and realized that you can be compensated for interviewing. I would charge when I don't mind the company walking away if they don't want to pay.

So to that end:

  • has anyone in this community ever charged or been compensated in this way?
  • are there attorneys that can help you draft agreements for this?
After the Great Resignation, Tech Firms Are Getting Desperate

After the Great Resignation, Tech Firms Are Getting Desperate

Faced with a shortage of qualified workers and fierce competition, companies are offering candidates money to interview and plush perks if they stay.

zuhayeerFounder at Levels.fyi2 years ago
We’ve actually paid candidates for their time on some project based assessments. We felt it was only fair if we were really serious about moving forward with them. Afterwards if it ends up not being a fit at least we compensated them for their time.
DinosaurSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
We need every company to start doing this. I've walked away from interviews because some of the assignments are full on fullstack websites.