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Salary transparency

Mozilla started to post salary ranges in the job posting not only for certain US states that require so. Here's an example:


Note that Canada does not require salary ranges to be posted in the job posting at the moment.

If you know about the salary range beforehand, how would we use Level.fyi's salary negotiation service? In addition, how to answer the salary expectation question?

Mozilla Careers — Staff Security Engineer - Cloud and Crypto Architecture — Open Positions

Mozilla Careers — Staff Security Engineer - Cloud and Crypto Architecture — Open Positions

Mozilla is hiring a Staff Security Engineer - Cloud and Crypto Architecture in Remote US

BrianBusiness Development at Levels.fyi 
Hey there! I'm Brian and I manage Levels.fyi's coaching services, so I'll be happy to help explain where the benefits of our negotiation service come in, even if you know the compensation range ahead of time. Knowing the comp is only a small portion of the battle. Knowing that they can pay you X amount doesn't guarantee that they will or that they have to. Companies like to lean on the 'depending on experience' qualifier with their ranges and, while that seems like a copout, it's still definitely applicable and makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Our negotiation coaching can help you identify the data points, justifications, and levers to push/pull to make the negotiations more successful. A company has to know 'why' they're paying you X amount. Yes, they want to hire you and think you'll be a good fit at the company, but things like interview performance can be a make-or-break for comp. If you just barely passed the interview, the company isn't going to feel strongly about giving you top of band compensation. Our team can help you draft up and identify other justifications for you to use in your negotiations that you might not have thought about.



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