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Site Reliability (SRE) 3 months ago

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) requirements

I need some advice on this, appreciate your response on this. 

I am an SRE working mainly on APM and data engineering/analytics on dynatrace and splunk. I started my career as java/j2ee developer and moved onto SRE after implementing several java/j2ee applications into production. 

Experience: Total 15 years, 8 as java developer and 7 as sre. 
I am looking to get  an SRE job at Google, Microsoft or Oracle cloud.  

Please suggest what would be SRE job requirements or interview in the above companies for my experience and what should i prepare on (like DS, leetcode or system design etc) 
Thanks very much 
GS85Site Reliability (SRE) 2 months ago
Coding is definitely a must. I think the 1st round itself will be a coding round. So not only keep working on DS&A, but also write and read other people's code.

Same goes for system design. Practice as much. Lot of resources available online. I'm personally reading Alex Xu's books.

Other than the above, be ready to be grilled technically deep into Linux and networks. So study as much as you can. No limits here. Behavioral round would be another thing. And so will be being grilled on the things you have already done or working upon.

I personally suggest to give the interview once to get an idea of things. There is no limit on the number of times you can interview there, but I think there is definitely a cool down period of 6 months. That's lot of time to study even more.

All the best!
IronManJarvisSite Reliability (SRE) 2 months ago
Thanks very much for the suggestions.