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Am I wrong that PM and Consulting have a lot in common?

I'm a director/sr manager level consultant developing ML models for clients in consumer banking. Recently, I've developed an interest in product management and have noticed a lot of overlap in skillsets. In my current role, I engage in a wide range of tasks, including technical work (coding and reading technical papers), managing projects and teams, collaborating with clients to tailor models to their needs, supporting implementations, and pitching new projects. These responsibilities seem very similar to that of product manager. One appealing aspect of product management to me is the opportunity to focus on a single product and team which contrasts with the ever changing scope of consulting. Is my understanding correct and PM?Given my edu background—a PhD in mechanical engineering, a top 5 MBA, and an MSc in CS—do you think a lateral move to a PM role, preferably within an AI/ML-related product, is feasible?

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Slam dunk.



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