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milk0435Β inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago

Will trade leetcode tips for referrals

Hi everyone, I'm a recent engineering grad with 8 months of SWE internship experience. I'm haven't been having much luck with getting interviews and was wondering if anyone can help me get a foot in the door by referring me to their company. What I can offer in exchange are my tips for coding interviews. I went from no ds&a knowledge to solving mediums in 20 minutes and hards in 40 minutes within the span of 4 months and only doing 70 leetcode questions, so I think I've figured out the secrets to getting interview-ready extremely quickly. If you refer me, I can send you my 60 page notes package and am even willing to teach you over discord. If you're interested please shoot me an email at x.meng999@gmail.com. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
cherrybombSoftware EngineerΒ atΒ Amazon4 months ago
Imagine thinking LC tips from a jobless new grad have any value
milk0435Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago
My blocker is getting interviews not passing them, I think my process has demonstrated I understand the leetcode side decently well, but you're free to your opinion



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