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Looking for advice on college

I live in North Texas and I'm graduating High School in June. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for college's with a Software Engineering major.
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It's late to apply for the fall of 2024; most colleges will have regular admissions deadlines in winter and release their decisions in spring.
There are lots of rankings for SW engineering programs you can look at (like US News) but the big determiners are going to be where you can get in and where you can afford. If you have excellent grades (3.5+ unweighted with several AP classes), very good test scores, and solid extracurriculars, you can consider top schools like MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon especially if you come from an underrepresented group (minority, first generation to go to college, etc).
Don't let finances stop you from applying to these schools, as many of them have very generous need-based financial aid, but if your grades and test scores don't support it, it's probably not worth the application fee. Almost all schools will have information on their websites about the GPAs and test scores of admitted applicants; if the SW program is especially competitive you might have to be at the high end of those.
Other top SW schools that are worth applying to include Georgia Tech, UIUC, UWashington, and Purdue, and these are ~$20k cheaper/year than the others I mentioned if you won't get financial aid because your family makes too much.
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Many of these schools have single-digit admissions rates, so even if you're exceptionally qualified there's no guarantee that you'll get in. Public schools like GaTech, UIUC, and UW often have higher admissions rates and lower tuition for in-state students, so keep that in mind.
You also need to apply to at least a few schools with higher admissions rates, and it often makes sense to look at ones in your state for these reasons. UTAustin has an excellent software engineering program and the tuition for in-state students is only $12k/year. It is still pretty selective with a 31% admit rate, so it shouldn't be your backup unless you're at the top end of the GPA/test score range, but you should definitely apply. For reference, 92% of students who get into UTAustin have at least a 1200 SAT score. The average GPA isn't published but is probably around 3.8.