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Technical Program Manager 2 years ago

Boy, did I screw up that recruiter call with Google

I let my frustration show on a recruiter call. Asking for advice from this group oh how to move forward.

A TPM recruiter called from Google to gauge my interest. I told him fit was important to me. But we never discussed a specific position or department - we just discussed him getting me into the hiring funnel.

That's when I got that sinking feeling and recalled just how poorly I was treated the last time - for Partner Engineer. Over the course of seven months, I had six technical interviews and was asked how to build a URL shortener FIVE times. Ultimately, HC asked for another technical assessment and that came back "not in support."

I left some other opportunities on the table in order to stay in the running with Google. When I didn't get an offer, it hurt.

I mentioned that, asking how the process could be different this time. He did not have an answer for me.

I doubt we will move forward. Despite working for Google being a life changing possibility for me, I have such a bad taste in my mouth from the previous experience that I'm not sure I want to work at Google anymore if it means participating in that!

Here is my question to the group: am I being immature or am I being prudent? Should I get over it, or am I right to want to avoid that again?

WeHurrrrrTechnical Program Manager at VMware2 years ago
Yes, you’re correct. If candidates don’t provide feedback after they have horrid experiences with recruiters companies cannot address the behavior. They should’ve been thanking you for mentioning the previous behavior.

The market right now is so competitive candidates should have the red carpet rolled out and seamless hiring processes. Not companies acting like narcissists playing games with candidates jockeying for power, which is what I’ve been hearing about a lot.



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