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Software EngineerΒ 3 months ago

Life at Quant Trading Companies?

Hi all,

I have a double bachelors in Accounting & MIS. Also attended a coding bootcamp to gain the technical skills that my MIS degree didnt give me. Well other than a year long internship in .Net/DevOps.

Ive always been good at quantitative tasks. I took a college level stat class in high school, tested out of college algebra after a few weeks of review and did very well in elective econmetrics and business forecasting courses in college.Β 

I've been looking at applying for software engineer positions at Quant Trading Firms (like TwoSigma). Would anyone know what life as a SWE at these compankes are like in comparison to MAANG/FAANG, or other well known companies?
d1209u1Software EngineerΒ 3 months ago
there is very low tolerance for mistakes. you will be working with elite, and i mean elite talent both on the trader and engineering side. both go hand in hand. one mistake can cost millions in an instant. way too much pressure imo but that is also why traders get paid way more. the algos are extremely complex



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