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Software Engineer a year ago

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I had a full day 6 hrs long interview, which I think went really well. Nothing wrong I answered.

It's been over a week and no answer from the recruiter.

Anyone faced similar situation?

Is this a rejection ?

Update: After a couple of follow ups, No update so far after 20+days. So now I can sleep well that there won't be any update :D

19g615l250u8xzSoftware Engineer a year ago
No answer isn’t good. I’m on the hiring side a lot and if there’s still communication but you’re not being offered anything, it’s because there are other applicants for the same job that got scheduled later. But if you’re not being answered, you’re probably not under consideration any more. Remember there’s nothing for the employer to gain by telling you they won’t hire you before they fill the position. They don’t care how much that information might be useful to you personally so you can move on. It’s just how it is.
jperez86Full-Stack Software Engineer a year ago
And that's why you should approach your career as if your a consultant and they aren't paying you a salary but for your services and it's no issue to leave. Atleast until conpanies are better and more considerate to people company men should go extinct.



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