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Testing (SDET)ย 2 months ago

Help with rating my offer

Please help me with these two offers. Both remote at lcol area. My location is considered Tier 4 apparently. I have almost 15 years of experience as a sdet CompanyA Base: 125k Bonus:12.5k Stock:27k/year. Vesting every 3 years Signing: 20k Company B: Base: 150k Bonus:15k Stock:5k/year. Signing:15k Both have similar wlb.
eightysixerSoftware Engineerย 2 months ago
For LCOL these are great offers. I have 11 YOE as a SDE, I'm in a medium-high COL area, I make less than this. Company B is higher cash comp and higher total comp, not to mention the signing bonus. Company A will come out ahead if the stock grows by more than 25%. That's where Company B's offer is weak, not much upside available to you on stock (but then also not much downside). The "vesting every 3 years" part confuses me. Are you saying you get 27k per year in stock but you can't touch any of it until after three years? I could live with yearly vesting but anything less than that strikes me as a red flag.