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Computer Engineering a year ago

Big name company vs more applicable experience

I'm looking at 2 internship offers:
1. Silicon systems at a big name company, which would be more validation focused

1. For embedded software at a medical devices company, which I would find really interesting, and I could work on production software

I would love to work at the first company, but not the role's not really what I want to do full time (embedded software development). It does add a bit of breadth to my resume, gaining some experience in custom silicon development, which would be cool to learn about. 

The second company I wouldn't want to work full time at most likely, bit i think shorg term it would be really interesting, and would give me good product experience. 

I'm trying to figure if I should bet on the company name, or getting the best experience I can, and which would put me on the best trajectory to get an embedded systems/system software job when I graduate. I also have 2 more internship terms which I can take advantage of before I graduate. 

madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
I vote for the medical devices company. You're already going for an internship, so the timeline will be short term no matter what, plus it seems to have more applicable skills for your end game. I think people put too much stake in 'big name' companies, especially nowadays. Get the right skills first and the companies will follow.
SgtSoupUX Designer at Microsofta year ago
This! Plus, I think there’s more flexibility at small companies to explore what aspects of the job you like most and can specialize in for your next gig.



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