Ahmet Furkan Kavraz in  
Computer Engineering at Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi3 months ago

Seeking Referral for Stripe

Hello Everyone,

I am a newly graduated Computer Engineering student and want to apply for the Software Engineering New Grad position at Stripe, Dublin office. Is there anyone who can be a referral for me?

Here is my short bio:

  • Graduated from the best university in Turkey with a ranking of 6 out of 90.
  • Completed an SDE internship at Amazon Robotics.
  • Completed 6 internships during my Bachelor's and also, have some side projects.

Also might be great if you could support me for other Big Tech companies.

You can share your LinkedIn or email and I will reach out.

saprealmTechnical Program Manager 3 months ago
Best is to like the LinkedIn profile of the company and as some have mentioned reach out to those from your university. Also, try messaging HR or some of the employees of stripe from Dublin asking about the company. Do not immediately ask for referral but start with guidance. Referral is suppose to be given to those part of one’s own network so not anyone will blindly do that. You have an impressive profile so keep up the work and you will surely get a referral in no time. All the best!