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Technical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago

Optimizing TC/hr over TC

TLDR: The concept of chasing higher and higher TC is very prevalent, so just sharing my 2 cents. I'd much rather optimize my total compensation per hour than optimize for max total comp.

For example, if I'm making 450k TC but I'm working 12hr days, how does that compare with a 300k TC working 8hr days? At some point, I'm starting to think I'd prefer to be able to work reasonable hours for a relatively decent TC than give 50-60hr weeks for a really high TC.

I'm actively starting to incorporate this into my career planning and what my next role/opportunity will be. Curious to hear other thoughts.

Context on me: worked at several FAANG companies, both as an IC and a manager [hired and promoted up to IC7 ICs]. Have been optimizing for growth roles since 2019, so this is probably a natural response given burnout, WLB, mental/physical health, etc
SkiquIwb6Backend Software Engineer 2 years ago
Well this is why I strongly encourage ppl here to think about *other* benefits besides the big tech/blind toxic tc mental