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Preping for FAANG

I have been in Industry for almost 7-8 years mostly working on front end tech stack. I have worked for couple of mid level companies and  currently works for wells fargo. Working for these companies kindof made my skills stale. Have not code for a year and half. Just doing devops things and mainting legacy apps. 

I got too comfortable and this current job mine is pretty secure. I make 130k base plus 5-10% bonus. But given my experience I believe I'm short selling myself. 

Question - Does anyone has a interview prep plan for this companies for someone who is applying for senior software engineer?
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ThumosSoftware Engineer at Amazon 
Best interview prep for faang right here:
ThumosSoftware Engineer at Amazon 
Also yes I would agree you’re shortchanging yourself. Amazon isn’t particularly top tier pay among big tech and as an SDE 1 with 2yoe my salary is the same plus equity awards beyond that. My peers with 8yoe are making 250+ in most cases with many being senior engineers and making 350+.



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