AnonymousTechWorkerย inย ย 
Product Managerย a year ago

Pour one out for our Twitter homies

Hope you all find good work soon. If you got laid off, would you take time off, or immediately start looking for work?
chcfqaeData Scientistย a year ago
Most of the people in my org have been laid off. It was a good run but there's not choice but to move on. I was pretty down yesterday but everyone I spoke to so far is just taking time off and trying to enjoy the holidays coming up. The severance helps with the bills but come January, I'm going to start applying
no7urnbJnUX Designerย a year ago
As someone who has been laid off a couple times due to down years in the business, I think this is the best route to take. I needed time to decompress and just recover from what felt like a gut punch. No one wants to feel like they are not valuable or wanted and for me, I had to realize work was work and not my reason for living. Sadly, when you spend 40+ hours of your most productive time at a place, you forget that.