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Software Engineer 2 years ago

On-Site vs Virtual, Amazon AWS Hiring event?

My question is:

Is it better to go on-site shake hands and make connections, and present myself?

Or it's literally the same if I do it virtually, still the same benefit


from Florida to Atlanta

$90 Round-Trip Same day + Launch

So it was cheap for me

I'm just wondering if it worth it the trip of the airplane back and forth and waiting.

Should I just go meet them and increase my chances and have a little trip in Atlanta City,

or just virtual is still fine

qwertyCoderSoftware Engineer at Amazon2 years ago
Would suggest evaluating it based on your personal strengths / weaknesses. Some people are nervous wrecks in person and much more comfortable behind a camera. If you're confident in person, I'd highly suggest going in person as it can often be easier to pick up on small cues of the interviewer (and vice versa). Overall I think it's easier to make a positive impression in person if you're comfortable in that setting.



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