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What happens at a 1 year anniversary?

Approaching my 1 year anniversary at Comcast in November. Never had to negotiate a pay increase before but I'm hoping to get something sizable.ย 

Previous team lead left the company in February of this year pushing me into becoming team lead and we hired another guy onto our team (it's just me and him but we're working on onboarding a third).ย 

I'm happy with the position, I'm learning a lot and gaining plenty of experience (though I don't wanna stay here forever), and things have not broken but if they did they were quickly fixed.

What should I expect in a 1 year anniversary? What kind of pay increase could I see? How much of an increase should I ask for?

Current salary: $75k
el8Software Engineering Managerย a year ago
Likely a token increase. Maybe a few percent. You should be angling for a promotion rather than just an increase though.



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