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Google leveling

I'm grateful to be considered at google for a tpm role l5/l6.  Recruiter said feedback was mixed at which level.  I have 10 yrs tpm experience and 15+ in business services environment.  Any insight into the differences  in the responsibilites in role l5 vs l6?  Pros/cons of each level?  I thought i would be targeted for l5 so am not opposed to starting there if it would give me the opportunity to accelerate learning and grow organically.  TP is a consideration but not the primary one. Right fit and long term success is higher priority.  Thank you.
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IC5 you deliver on a complex program with no handholding and limited (if any) guidance. You begin to mentor other TPMs

IC6 you’re able to deliver on a highly ambiguous, 0-1 type program with full autonomy. You mentor TPMs at scale and mentorship may extend to other functions.

IC7 is industry thought leadership or considered the go to subject matter expert in a domain
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There’s a detailed matrix of course, but this is high level.

Source: I’m a hiring manager with IC4-IC7s on my team



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