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AI replacing Software engineers in Gimmick

IMHO I think there has always been a thing like 5x developer 2x developer and etc. which supposedly should replace a majority of developers. For instance, Python made programming a lot easier and faster when it came and literally replaced languages and frameworks which were heavy which led to increase in productivity of single engineer, but since then the market has literally exploded and not shrinked nor did it replace devs. LLMs haven't achieved a state where even non-technical person can create a software with it, and will not do so anytime soon. So I expect the same thing which happened in early 2000's to happen in this AI Revolution as well. There are plenty of analogies for the same. What's your thoughts

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madscienceSoftware Engineerย 12 days ago
We get so many of these types of threads, you can go back to search a few of them up, but generally I think most people understand that AI won't replace SWEs altogether, but it may reduce the need for so many and will certainly help people continue to innovate and create more.