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Quality Assurance (QA) Software Engineerย a year ago

Which language is good for automation testing python or selenium?

Iam manual tester and started the career in automation by myself with python. I started to learn python and I loved it very much. When I trying to look for Job change most of the recruiters are asking for java. Iam really confused state now. Need help from an expert point of view. Do I need to stick on python or study java right away? Need help.
BlitzcrackerQuality Assurance (QA) Software Engineerย a year ago
You can use selenium with both Java and Python. Your question is probably Python or Java. Either is fine. Most enterprise level applications are usually built on java which is why you are seeing a lot of Java.
I would say any JS based automation framework like Cypress or Playwright would fetch more $$$ as they are used by a lot of newer apps.
iamsrnQuality Assurance (QA) Software Engineerย a year ago
So studying the java is better option right?