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Product Manager a month ago

Relocate: Australia to USA

Hi PMs,

TL;DR: Have you moved from Australia to USA for work, and what was it like?

I'm currently a Digital Product Owner (which I'm assuming is the equivalent of levels.fyi 'Product Manager' title) in the Financial Services industry, here in Sydney, Australia.

I have an ambition to obtain a similar, or related role in any tech company within the United States, to uncover new learnings and unlock new experiences in one of the best tech hubs in the world.

Before gaining employment, I need to know, and would like to hear the experiences of any Australians who have moved to the US for employment, or alternatively from any recruiters/HR personnel who have helped to facilitate such an onboarding. Specifically, I would like to know about the required visa(s) and sponsorship, the attitude of US companies towards hiring foreign candidates from Australia, the general length of process, and any other useful information to know.

Thanks in advance!

KudoMonkeyProduct Manager a month ago
Generally, you need to disclose during the job application that you’ll require a visa (either an h1-b or an e-3); the process varies by company.

Semi related: I have the opposite question… as a product manager in the US, what would be a good (well paying) tech role to transition to in Australia?
tunaandbeansProduct Manager a month ago
Thanks for the reply. Is it common for US job postings to be open to foreign candidates that will require a visa/sponsorship i.e. is it not uncommon for recruiters to consider someone that will require this additional assistance? The reason I ask is, for 99% of the job postings here in Australia, the ad will include something along the lines of, 'this position is open to citizens and permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand only". This means that recruiters here are highly likely to immediately disregard your application if you're not an AUS or NZ citizen/PR. Regarding the opposite scenario of a US PM moving to Australia - if you look at the salaries just on this site for PMs in the US vs. those in Aus, I'm sure you wouldn't want to relocate anymore if the motivation was purely remuneration related. From my observations thus far, you will only make decent money (>AUD $250K) if you progress outside of a PM role into the executive leadership level in corporations here, or if you're able to secure a PM role at the familiar unicorn companies headquarters here i.e. Atlassian, Google, Canva, Amazon etc.



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