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Choosing best internship offer

I am a 2nd year at a T20~ US engineering school and I have multiple SWE offers but am unsure of which to choose.

Carrier: working on application layer commercial HVAC software, mostly c++.

  1. Salary: $5600/month (Appx $32.50/hr) + $2000 one-time relocation
  2. Although I am interested in breaking into big tech, the work at Carrier seems much more interesting and more SWE related than Northrop. The net salary is about equal to or potentially even less considering I have to relocate + need a car.

Northrop Grumman: mostly low-code VR work and some javascript

a. Salary: $26.25/hr, primarily remote, local to my area if I need to go in person a few times.

b. The work seems quite boring to me, and I don't think I'll learn many relevant skills, although not having to relocate is nice.

Neither company carries much brand value, but I'd appreciate advice on which to choose.

Ritvik CheboluData Science at Rochester Institute of Technologya year ago
Having worked at Carrier as an intern, I can say that the work would def be pretty interesting. They pay well, have good corporate benefits (the best one is work-life balance), and a friendly work culture.
But I should also mention that there is some scope for you to negotiate in terms of salary (they usually pay a little higher, about $35-40/hour). And congratulations for your offers!!!



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