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Software Engineerย 6 months ago

Deciding Between Offers

Recently graduated bachelors from university, currently based in Singapore. I received 2 offers, and i am thinking which one to choose.

1) Maven Securities, need to relocate to London. Base 75k bounds, discretionary bonus: 20k pounds, sign on bonus: 10k pounds, relocation: 8k pounds. After the first year, theres a 20% bump to base pay, and an additional bonus (prolly not high, likely just a few k pounds)

TC: 113k pounds

2) TikTok Singapore (no need to relocate): 7.7k SGD per month, targetted 3 months bonus, no sign on, no RSU.

TC: 115500 SGD

In terms of benefits, both offers daily lunch and what not. TikTok has a 2500SGD flexi plan for learning, maven has 1k pounds. TikTok has 18 days leave, Maven has 25 days of leave.

Main concern is the relocation and taxes and rental that i have to pay in london. Taking into account the 40% tax rate and paying 1500 pounds of rental per month, the pay between maven and tiktok (after tax) are somewhat the same

bcnecoProgram Managerย 6 months ago
I say go to London and take the Maven job. Imo the market for subsequent jobs seems better there than it would be in SG. Might be a tough move in the short term, but I think it sets you up better long term
LuckyBoiSales Engineerย 6 months ago
My one comment is he's getting fucked for pay in London, still think the exposure is good there though