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Interview Amazon Technical PM interview

Manager had only two years of product experience and rest was as SDE.

She was asking me more about how the backend was structured and where stored etc. I had high leave answers as PM but she was asking me to go deeper in details.

is it expected for PM to be technical ? This is the first time I had conversation that made me feel off.

however when I asked the interviewer what he required for the role, she asked for you need to be able to understand customer needs and build product strategy.

Nightly95Technical Program Manager  
Amazon has Product Manager (PM) and Product Manager-Technical (PMT) job titles. It's possible you applied for the one that was more technical, but also Amazon seems to use the PM title as sort of a catch all. Some of them are super technical, some of them are basically project/program managers, some of them are in between. It's a weird balance.