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Business Administration & Management at Lamar Universitya year ago

MBA Internship

Hello again! Anyone got any advise for a graduating MBA student to land a job even internships? I feel like Linkedin isnt doing me any good since im not just focused in a single area of expertise. I really dont care about the pay at this point I JUST NEED TO SURVIVE!!!

Industries im interested in are (in no particular order;
- Product Management
- Data Science
- Data, Cloud &/or Software Engineering
- FinTech
- HealthTech
- Consulting
- Business and/or Data Analysis
- Customer Success
- Gaming
- Defense
- Security

This is a long list (I Know!) but as someone trying to lauch an actual career any area will surfice! My MBA introduced me to Python, SQL & now Cybersecurity and i continued teaching myself to code in Javascript, React etc. Also self studying UiPath automation, AWS, Product Management & Data Science. 

Was recently accepted to two competitive courses at the same time, one focused on Product Management with real-life simulations, and the other in AI/ML via Samsung. Not sure if these certifications will lead me to actual jobs in the field but I thought since they're so competitive might as well add their certs to my resume when they're completed. 

Even paid for a short entry level IT course to see if i can gain the skills quickly to land a help desk job. As you can see i'm doing A LOT but thats because I dont have the luxury to be picky when i'm unemployed and these bills wont pay themselves 😭. 

Sorry for my long rant. Any useful advise and mostly referrals would be helpful! 🙏

I have attached my resume. Any advise on that too would be very helpful. Thank you all!