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Mass leadership exodus at Salesforce?

Looks like several executives have recently resigned. Bret Taylor, co-CEO, Mark Nelson, CEO of Tableau (which was recently acquired by Salesforce), Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, Tamar Yehoshua, CPO of Slack, and Jonathan Prince, SVP of Marketing/Comms have all stepped down from their positions.

Is this a sign of bigger issues at Salesforce? Or just a coincidence?

O5rbiwcAnalystย a year ago
The company plans to lay off a large number of individuals, roughly 2,000 people or more, for "performance" issues, according to both an industry source and a former employee. Several hundred more, likely those workers who fall under a protected group like individuals with disabilities, will be placed on a 30-day review, with the intention of letting them go once that concludes, according to one source.