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Stuck on which internship to choose

I want to start this by saying I am very fortunate to be in this position. I always used to say when I saw these "What company do I pick" post people were just being bragging assholes but this is genially a very difficult choice and hopefully someone can give me some guidance.

Okay now that that's out of the way. I am a JR CS student at some branch campus school in the middle of PA. I applied for 90-120+ internships in the fall and I have received 3 offers rejected one, accepted one BUT I got a new one this week and its put me in a hard place.

T Rowe Price:

35 / Hour, 3000 Sign on, Owing Mills, MD (Asset Manger) - Relocation required (no assistance) - Already Accepted in November

I would be on a small team named Enterprise Architecture and my boss told me they do API Dev, Web Dev, Dev Ops scripting, and Mobile Dev


36.10 / Hour, 4000 Sign on, Philadelphia, PA (Software Company) - No Relocation - Got last week

C#, IOT stuff with raspberry pi

For me this is difficult to just tell T Rowe Price, I have to leave to get more money because I have already been onboarded and talked to my boss and a bunch of people in HR and I feel a connection with them if that makes sense? OSISoft just came out of no where and I had an interview and then I had an offer. T Rowe Price is also more known then OSISoft so its harder to just leave for that aspect as well. If you guys could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Since you’ve already accepted the T Rowe Price one and have a relationship with the folks there, I would personally stick with that one. There’s not much of a meaningful difference in compensation.

That said Philly sounds like a nice place to be and if you are interested in a more social scene for where you intern, then it might be worth considering. Since you’re in a position of leverage it may be worth negotiating with OSISoft to try and get higher comp / relocation, and if they say no you just walk away since you have the other offer.



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