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Technical Program Manager 2 years ago

Amazon cooldown period

Had two onsites with Amazon for TPM and PMT roles, in the first round (TPM) they told me you are an Amazonian but we think a PMT role is more appropriate for you. So they set up the second onsite which went horribly and I had a terrible experience with the team interviewing. They told me afterwards that they need to see some growth and they recommend that I reapply after a year or two. How serious is that? Can I reapply now that 3 months have passed given that Amazon is struggling to attract talent? (I don't want to create another profile and want to just be honest about it.)

bb13Technical Recruiter 2 years ago
I'm a former Amazon Recruiter. If your recycle period is 6 months, then it means that you almost passed the interview, which you can re-apply after 3 months since the Bar Raiser is going to override the recycle period. It sounds like in this case, the interview performance wasn't as strong and if the recycle period is 1-2 years, it's unlikely that other teams will want to re-interview that early. Often, the Bar Raiser may not even agree to override the recycle period. All interview feedback is recorded in Amazon Hire and any Hiring Managers can see it. Some Managers when they see notes for 1-2 year recycle, they may not want to move you through the process and wait for 1-2 years before they can re-engage with you again. You can always check with your Recruiter after 6 months and see if there's anything that can be done. I don't recommend that you create another account. They can find out about these things. I actually had a candidate who did this to bypass the recycle period and ended up getting permanently banned! Hope this helps!
almah7Technical Program Manager 2 years ago
Thanks very much for the detailed response. Very helpful indeed and tbh I'm not very excited about Amazon after the second onsite interview. I think you need to be very lucky to land in the right group. And it is unfortunate they told me that based on my second interview round which as I mentioned went horribly (the hiring manager came in 20 min late with a bad attitude and said he had forgotten he had an interview let alone knowing who he was interviewing with and that plus multiple other stupid incidents during the interviews that day derailed the whole thing for me.)