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Software Engineer 2 years ago

interviewer ghosts

Anyone experience being ghosted by recruiters?

I had been ghosted on two separate occasions by recruiters who spent several emails with me to set up a time to interview, then come interview day, they don't show, nor do they respond to my followup emails to reschedule.

I'm curious to know has this happened to you and how often?

Why does this happen? Do they understand how fucking rude it is?

TDE4OklamaSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Unfortunately it’s super common, almost everyone I know has experienced it in this industry. It’s super inconsiderate.

I’ve also had this happen, but found it best not to dwell on it even if you might’ve expected something. Just move on, plenty of other companies out there, that also have better values than a company who practices ghosting like that.



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