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Did I screw my career?

Hi All. I have been in the industry for about 15 years. During these time I only really worked for small to mid startup for relatively short time like between 1-2 years. I live in the bay area.

During this time I climbed the ladder with bigger and higher titles ( that don't mean anything at smaller company ), my last job I was in management managing a big project with multiple team. However for a variety of reasons: physical health ( I have high-blood pressure ), mental health ( I have anxiety ), too much stress at work, among others. I have burned out and have resigned ( forced to really ).

I recently changed job to be a "simple" senior engineer with a post-IPO company. I sincerely hope to stay at this company for 4+ years and leave my old life behind. I have no desire to get into management and just want a stable job with good work-life-balance with a little meeting as possible.

Am I basically screwed my career in the following way:

  1. Missed the gravy train last year on job switching
  2. FANNG companies out of the questions
  3. Terrible job history, not hirable for respectable companies
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With near-term recession worries, you may have to be a bit patient to land an offer, but you're hardly screwed. 15 years across several companies is nothing to be ashamed of, and any concerns about perceptions of short tenure can be overcome by a few references willing to vouch for you.

1. Yeah, the prime time to switch has probably come and gone, but there will be others
2. Recruiters were always the best way to get a foot in the door for these companies anyway. Any slowdown in hiring will really depend on your specific domain.
3. Unless the companies you worked for were all universally reviled and failed, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Making sure your next job is compatible with your current health and goals should be your top priority. Really focus on that question of whether you'll be happy and want to stay, even if you have to go back down the ladder a bit.